Monday, 29 September 2014

9 Best News Apps for iPhone

Do you love reading news on your iPhone? You can read news by visiting online news websites with Safari. But, It's very tedious and takes your precious time. So, if you want to read news more conveniently and quickly on your iPhone, use these best news iPhone apps according to your needs. These apps help you to get update quickly from your favourite online news sources.

1. News Plus For iPhone - News Plus is one of the best news apps that helps you read news easily on your iPhone. Actually this a RSS reader app that comes with lots of preloaded news sources. With the help of this app, you can easily get updates from popular news sites and blogs. You can also add your favourite news sources by adding feed address. Great app that lets you read breaking news easily on your device. You can also share your favourite news on social sites.

2. Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine (iPhone+iPad)- Flipboard is one of the most popular universal iOS apps for reading news and social feeds. You can check all of your social feeds, such as- Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and various online news websites at one place with very easy to use and beautiful user interface.

3. Feedly (iPhone+iPad)- Feedly is a RSS reader app for iPhone and iPad that lets you add any website's RSS feed . You can also add your social networking accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and access them at one place and save your time.

4. PressReader (iPhone+iPad)- If you like to read full content newspaper with traditional user interface on your iPhone, use PressReader. This app lets you print, save and share full content articles. You can read more than 2300 newspapers from 97 countries on your iPhone.

5. Prismatic: Always Interesting (iPhone only)- Prismatic is a social media news aggregator app for iPhone. You can read social media streams (based on your interest) from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and share them easily with your friends.

6. Pulse: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Reader (iPhone+iPad)- Pulse is a full featured news apps for iPhone that lets you add your favorite blogs' RSS feeds, social networking accounts, magazines and newspapers and access them from very easily from one place. It has some very useful features, such as- offline syncing, saving stories using Pulse account.

You may also use these site specific apps to get latest news instantly on your iPhone-

7. CNN App for iPhone (iPhone only)- If you are a regular reader of CNN, you must use this app to get CNN updates easily on your iPhone. Very useful app that allows you to get news and other information quickly on your device.

8. NYTimes (iPhone only)- Official app of The New York Times. Very useful app to get breaking news and world news. The app includes lots of features such as browsing option for exclusive videos and awarded photographs, breaking news notifications, a collection for popular and useful articles, share news and articles on Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and AirDrop.

9. ESPN ScoreCenter (iPhone only)- Very useful app for sport lovers. If you want to get quick alerts of your favourite sports, you must try this app on your iPhone. The app helps you access instant scores, breaking news , video highlights and other useful content easily on your iPhone.

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