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5 Best Email Apps For iPhone & iPad

Looking for the Best Email App for iPhone & iPad ? Here we listed some popular and easy to use email clients for iOS devices which can help you to read & compose emails quickly from your iPhone or iPad. These apps are very popular and come with beautiful & easy to use user interface so that users can check & send emails easily from their devices. Check out these useful email clients for iOS devices.

1. Mailbox - Mailbox is a great free email client for iPhone and iPad. This email app currently supports only Gmail. If you are a Gmail user, you would love this app because this app helps you to check, send quick reply, and manage your emails from iPhone or iPad.

Mailbox is one of the best free email apps that helps you to swipe your messages quickly to your archive or trash. You can also use snooze email feature to bring your emails back to your inbox on your fixed time. The app comes with some unique features and can be used free of cost on your iPhone or iPad.

2. AltaMail - AltaMail is an advanced email app that comes with lots of features which can help you to manage all of your email related tasks from your iPhone or iPad. One of the most useful email apps on app store which lets users bulk delete, move, save and print emails of their multiple email accounts.

AltaMail is a fully functional email app that can help you to handle all of your email managing works. With Altamail, you can easily search any important email from your multiple accounts, take any type of bulk action, send professional emails using attachments and templates, see email notifications, convert your saved emails in different formats, transfer your saved emails to PC or Mac etc. You can complete almost all types of email handling tasks using this useful app.

3. Group Email - Group Email is a fully featured email client for iOS devices which lets users to read, send and manage emails quickly from your iPhone or iPad. This app has been integrated with tons of features which is mainly used by professionals. If you are looking for fully functional email client for your iOS device, Group email could be the best option for you. With Group Email, you can easily send emails with attachments to a single person or a group or a distribution list.

Group Email allows you to attach any type of file with your email such as photos, videos, documents, emails, audio clips, contact information, map of locations etc. One of the best email apps for iOS that comes with easy to use interface which helps users to manage their emails easily.

4. Gmail - Official Gmail app for iPhone and iPad users that can installed on your device free of charge. Google has added some useful features to this email app such as real time email notifications, powerful email search box, beautiful user interface, multiple account support etc. You can add up to 5 Gmail accounts to manage them easily from your device. If you love spending time on Google Plus, this app can help you to read and respond Google Plus posts.

5. Yahoo - If you use Yahoo email, this app can help you to mange your Yahoo emails easily from your iPhone or iPad. Yahoo app is a simple and easy to use email client for Yahoo mail users. With this app, you can access your emails with just one tap, quick reply messages with attachments , receive email notifications, search email history and organize your inbox.

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