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7 Best Movie Making Apps For iPhone & iPad

Top Movie Making Apps let you create your own movies in cinematic style from your iPad or iPhone. In this article,we'll see some great movie making applications for your iOS device. If you love to make movies, these apps could be very useful for your iPhone or iPad. These apps help users to retouch their simple video clips like professionals. If you are a creative iPhone/iPad user or you want to be a filmmaker, these apps can help you to make high quality home movies. Here we can view a list of the best movie making apps for iPhone & iPad.

Some of these video apps are available free of charge on the Appstore. Here we've selected only those apps, which are really useful for our users. For example Vizzywig app is an expensive movie editor app for iOS users but very useful for professional purpose. Okay here is the list, check out them.

1. Vizzywig ( iPhone & iPad ) - Vizzywig is one of the best movie making app for iPhone and iPad that comes with lots of movie creation features and can be used by professionals and beginners. With Vizzywig, you can easily shoot , create and edit your own movies. The app lets you create professional like movies within minutes.

Vizzywig comes with many useful movie making options such as - switching option between rear & front cameras while recording, snap photos recording feature, fully featured video editing features including many professional shooting tools. Great movie app that also allows you to share your movies directly to your favorite social networks.

2. iMovie ( iPhone & iPad ) - iMovie is one of the most useful movie making apps on the Apple app store that comes with lots of useful options. iMovie lets you create beautiful and professional quality HD movies from your iPhone or iPad. With iMovie, you can easily add different types of visual and sound effects to your video clips, trim the length of movie, animate your photos,  create Hollywood style movie trailers & share your movies on the internet via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or CNN Report.

3. Magisto Magical Video Editor ( iPhone ) - Magisto Magical Video Editor is one of the best free movie making apps on the app store that comes with some unique features. Great fun video editing app for iPhone that automatically edit your videos and photos with music and effects. Magisto Magical is a beautifully designed easy to use video editing app that lets you make professional looking movies within few minutes.

Magisto Magical comes with lots of useful features such as- fully automatic video editing tool, useful tools to analyze , trim and edit the best part of your movies, different types of video effects, transitions and filtering options, face detection technology and social sharing option. Very useful movie making app for iPhone and iPod touch that can be used free of cost.

4. Movie Looks HD iPhone & iPad ) - Movie Looks HD is a great movie making application for iPad and iPhone that lets you create professional like movies quickly. You can make fully professional video clips using the app because the new version of the app comes with 40 great cinematic looks including Blockbuster look , B & W and popular film looks.

Movie Looks HD comes with lots of useful movie making options which let you add different types of cinematic effects to your videos, adjust and enhance color with professional color tools and record your own drama, B & W movies and Blockbuster like movies.

5. Storyboards Premium ( iPad ) - Storyboards Premium is a very useful movie making app that comes with tons of professional movie making options including hundreds of characters. One of the best apps on the app store that helps iPad users to make movies easily. Although the app has many useful and unique options which can only be found in few apps but you may have to face some problems with this app because the app size is heavy and can consume a lot of memory.

6. Action Movies ( iPhone & iPad ) - Do you love action movies? If you love watching action movies and want to create your own movies like action movies, this free app could be useful for your iPad and iPhone that lets users add Hollywood FX to your video clips. Great app that comes with lots of cinematic effects.

7. Animoto Video Maker ( iPhone ) - Animoto Video Maker is a great free video making app that lets you create your own professional quality videos from your photos. You just have to choose your photos, video clips, music & video style and the app will create amazing professional like video clip from your photos. Great app that creates unique video each time. Animoto video maker comes with multiple video themes, music and text effects.

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